Our System for Sight Word Instruction

Our systematic approach to sight word instruction combines the research of Dr. Edward B. Fry, Ph.D. with the Guided Reading sight word recommendations of Jan Richardson as outlined in her highly-recommended book, The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading.

How it works: Our online assessment tool allows teachers to quickly identify sight word gaps and assign lessons (sets), which can be done independently (or as a whole class) on any computer or tablet.  Sight words are explicitly taught through quick instructional videos.  Daily video lessons coupled with our Fluency Builder activities help students rapidly gain and retain sight words. Students are encouraged to track their own progress using the provided Mastery Trackers.


list a organization

List Characteristics


Lists A.1 and A.2


Description: Lists A.1 and A.2 build a solid foundation for early readers. All of Fry’s First 100 words are taught, with priority given to those that are the most frequent in the earliest leveled texts. (Source: The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading, by Jan Richardson)  These “priority words” include thirty-two additional words from later lists. Rhyming words (within the same word family) are presented together and beginning sounds are emphasized throughout the List A.1 lessons.

Set Size: 4 words per set

Total # Words: 132 (64 words- List A1, 68 Words- List A2)

% of Print: List A (A.1-A.2)= 50% of printed text.


Lists B and C


Description:  Lists B and C follow Fry’s research for the 101st-300th most frequent words found in printed text.  Thirty-two words were previously taught as “priority words” (due to their frequency in text levels A-G) and are, therefore, review words in Lists B and C.

Set Size: 6 words per set

Total # Words: 200 (100 words per list)

% of Print: Lists A-C = 65% of printed text