Sight Words Toolbox


Sight Word Assessments

Our sight word assessments make assessing and tracking sight words simple.  Pull up the assessment page on a computer or tablet and allow the student to click through the assessment slideshow while you check known words.  Once the needed set is determined, you can assign that lesson (Example: List B, Set 7).

sight word videos

Sight Word Video Lessons

Our sight word lessons provide individualized online sight word instruction.  Each lesson includes a “See and Say” instructional video for the assigned word set.  Words are presented in isolation and in context.  There are several fluency building practice sessions throughout each video, progressively adding each word in the set.

fluency builders

Sight Word Fluency Builders

Each lesson includes a fluency building activity that provides repeated practice with the words in the set.  This activity can be done with a teacher, parent, or peer to reinforce the sight words from the current lesson.


Sight Word Trackers

Keep students motivated to continue learning sight words with our mastery trackers.  Add incentives for passing a certain number of sets and be sure to celebrate BIG when an entire list is mastered!

flashcard tool

Sight Word Flashcards

With a simple point/click/copy/paste, you can create customized flashcards.  Create a set that includes both unknowns and knowns for effective, confidence-building fluency practice.

parent letters

Parent Information

Get parents to partner with you at home in ensuring sight word success!  The parent correspondence pages inform parents about the importance of learning sight words. The intro letter lets them know HOW to help at home (using the tools at and the progress report lets them know when their child is ready to move on to a new sight word set.

Parent Letter Links

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