List A2 Flashcard and Word Wall Tool

Step 1- Create word list for flashcard set.

Assess student using the List A2 Assessment Tool. Click the checkbox next to words read incorrectly or words not attempted. You can also click some words the student DOES KNOW to create a practice set containing both knowns and unknowns (recommended). Once desired set size is reached, click the “CREATE WORD LIST” button below. Then go on to Step 2.

SET 1 then what as has

SET 2 have next words but

SET 3 came one two there

SET 4 now some help use

SET 5 make when new each

SET 6 because night each which

SET 7 were saw do don’t

SET 8 why from every how

SET 9 laugh good their other

SET 10 does walked out about

SET 11 many give could would

SET 12 very again did didn’t

SET 13 if them so him

SET 14 time more number write

SET 15 people than first water

SET 16 been called its find

SET 17 long get made part


Step 2- Copy Word List

Highlight and COPY the list of words. Then click the “GO TO STEP 3” button below to instantly create printable flashcards.

Step 3- Create Flashcards

PASTE the word list above into the Flashcard Generator ( A printable PDF will generate automatically. Recommended Size: 8 or 16 per page