List B Flashcard and Word Wall Tool

Step 1- Create word list for flashcard set.

Assess student using the List B Assessment Tool. Click the checkbox next to words read incorrectly or words not attempted. You can also click some words the student DOES KNOW to create a practice set containing both knowns and unknowns (recommended). Once desired set size is reached, click the “CREATE WORD LIST” button below. Then go on to Step 2.

SET 1 over take new only sound little

SET 2 work years know live place me

SET 3 back very give after most thing

SET 4 our good just sentence name man

SET 5 think where say help great through

SET 6 much right before too line means

SET 7 old tell any boy same following

SET 8 came also want around show form

SET 9 three put small end set does

SET 10 another must well big large even

SET 11 such here because why turned asked

SET 12 went need men land read different

SET 13 home try us kind move hand

SET 14 picture off again play change spell

SET 15 air house away point animals page

SET 16 letters found mother study answer still

SET 17 learn America should world


Step 2- Copy Word List

Highlight and COPY the list of words. Then go to Step 3 to instantly create printable flashcards.

Step 3- Create Flashcards

PASTE the word list above into the Flashcard Generator ( A printable PDF will generate automatically. Recommended Size: 8 or 16 per page